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3. Getting an MSN Space is easy – if you already have a .NET passport you already have an MSN Space even if you don’t know it! Click here to set it up. If you don’t have a .NET passport, it only takes a few minutes to set it up and is a safe, secure way to keep your details secure and access all MSN’s free products and services. The .NET passport sign-up wizard will make it easy for you to get your MSN Space, and your MSN Hotmail account. Click here!

4. When you set up your MSN Space you will need to make sure the judges can see your entry. With MSN Spaces there are 3 levels of permission, Public (everyone can see it), Messenger (your MSN messenger allow list can see it) and Private (you control who sees it).


If you set your permission level to Private or Messenger, click here for a 123 Guide on how to do this, and then add [email protected] to your MSN Space address book <show pic>. Please do not email the judges as this is an unmonitored account and they won’t reply. If your MSN Space is set to Public you do not need to add the judges to your MSN Space address book.

5. Once you’ve got an MSN Space and an MSN Hotmail account, sign-up for the competition here.

6. Unlike many online competitions, you’ve got a good chance of winning as we’re giving away 212 prizes! Find out more about the prizes here…
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