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Making a Blog Entry - Page 1 | Page 2
  Sign into your space and you’ll see a central panel marked “Blog”. Click the “Add entry” link <show pic>
  A text editor window will appear, looking a lot like a simple version of Microsoft Word. Add a title (like “I saw a UFO!!!), fill-in your story, and when you’re happy with it, click “Publish Entry”. If you want to preview the entry, click “preview entry” it’s that simple. If you want, you can add your UFO or Alien pic to your blog text too – just click the “add pictures” link at the bottom on the text window. <show pic>
  When you click “publish entry” your blog will revert to the home page, still in edit mode – if you want to see how it will look to the rest of the world, click “Preview Your Space” (see point 6 in the photo section). If you want to change it, you can go back to edit mode using the “Edit Your Space” link as shown here. <show pic>

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