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  Peter Varnish OBE
  Director, Geopolitical
Peter Varnish is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IEE, and the RSA. He is Chairman of Definition International, the Wrightson Group, and is a Director of Geopolitical Solutions Ltd, Closed Solutions Ltd, CMBC Inc of Chicago, QTEL Inc of New York, and he is MD of S3T Ltd. He has chaired many International Conferences, most recently on Homeland Defence and Security in San Diego, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, and is a member of several UK Government Working Parties.
From 1968-2001 he worked for the Ministry of Defence where his last post was Director for Technology Partnership as a precursor to the privatisation of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (2000-2001). From 1996 until 2000 he was the Director for Business Development and Director Central Marketing DERA, and was responsible for generating over £150 Million of non-MoD business.
Between 1993-1995 he was Director General of the Strategic Defence Initiative Participation Office/Director of Science for Ballistic Missile Defence at the UK MoD, He spent 1992 at the Royal College of Defence Studies, London. He was Scientific Adviser to the MoD in the British Embassy, Washington DC for four years from 1975.
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